Walk Away

I’ll stand across the fire
   Tend to it myself so it doesn’t consume you.

Parts of you will crackle and break, my Love!
But that beautiful Light within your Soul
   will emanate
And I will wait
for its warmth to settle on my skin.

It will color me
   a dark wooden brown.
Make me sweat
Like when we come out from the waves beneath your bed.

You will emerge another, Love!
   That beautiful golden phoenix inside you will rise,
leaving it all behind.
The shards of your broken heart,
   tear-streaked burnt cheeks on ashen faces included.


This Is Not The End

Rest on my chest, Armageddon,
the end of Our Time is near.
Lay soft
and still
Your Pleasure is My will,
until the last
In front of the House of God
did You and Magic lay,
hoping it would never end.
Under the crescent moon & stars I prayed,
a pagan offering was made,
grateful it even began.
But loving You is heresy, Sir!
And yet…
And yet there is no doubt that It Is Right & True!
So taboo…
…in my world.
In your Reality though, it’s just another Way,
another Truth.
another Life.
Save me, Lord!
From the End of Our Days!
It is a hell I cannot bear!
I swear,
I’ll be a good girl!
Strap it tight,
Pull hard,
Leave Your mark,
Leave Me hanging…
Just not waiting!
For a climax that will never come.
The End of Pleasure is Pain, Joyce said.
I wonder if it’s True for You too.
But unlike Eveline, I won’t be paralyzed by the fear,
I shall not be left behind here.
I await Your Second Coming, Lord.

Wake Up Call

It’s not you I dreamt of tonight.

This one was about my first love,
and the last.
The first, whose heart I broke,
the last, the one that dropped mine.

The timeline was off, the language didn’t match,
there was violence, and it was gut-wrenching all over again.
I don’t yet know what it all means,
and I don’t really know what we are,
but I know this…
I’d like to Love differently This Time.

I want to reach the Ideal,
but not get trapped by illusion;
maintain autonomy,
but with you have Communion.

It would be my Absolute Pleasure to gratify your Desire,
and Together, we go higher,
and Higher.

Because while here you left your crystal for clarity,
it is not clear to me what you seek.

The ego questions, the Voice Within rhymes,
but Spirit knows the Truth…
there is a Reason Why I Write about You.

Would you like to Wake Up and know why?


It’s a holiday
because it’s your birthday.
I’d say,
it was a holy day indeed!

Because blessed is your Mother’s womb,
your watery home before reaching this land.
And blessed was your Father’s seed,
that which thrust you into this Life.
(Honoring Where You Came From.)

And then…there was You.

Oh, you lovely Human!
Oh, it’s so Divine
how you define
your Self’s Existence.

Your Form is elegant.
Your Way is wise.
Your mere prEsence has a warm influence on this body.

In all ways you’re Free to Choose.
Always you’re measuring the Good of Life,
even when it’s bad.

I celebrate your life, Darling!
That you came into mine.
For more than just a season maybe?
There must be a Reason…

I am grateful You Chose to show.
To the show.
To The Show.

To Life!

The Send Off

I’ve got water, wine and tobacco tonight
An offering for your safe sailing.

I’m back in the Red Room
With new Prayers
For new Players
In a Game where there’s no win or lose,
There Is Only Love.

But first,
the Void.
There’s only myself here this evening.
From the darkness of this Womb words will come alive again.
With you seeding The Flow of It All.

What is this though, really?

See, it’s a good time to question…
We’ve got a whole wavespell for introspection
To not fear our Purpose for Being Here.

Because I’m back again,
In the Red Room,
Not knowing why Love always happens so soon.

Why wait though?
If it is Real
Except weren’t you the one that said
This might all just be a Dream?
I don’t wanna wake come morning…

Blessed be the smoke rising
Born from Medicine
Held safely in between sheets for God knows how long.
Harsh reality is kicking in…
Yours so apart from mine.

But something’s got to give, right?
And so I offer These Words,
My Breath,
Whispering Prayers of Protection,
Blessings on your new rEVOLution,
and Gratitude for this Sweet Connection.

Safe and happy travels, Darling. ♡♡♡

For you, Patty

In honor of Patricia (the hurricane)
sparing the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta, where we live…
And as an offering to The One who penned her a note with a request,
that my girl Patty unexpectedly obliged…

dear patty

I Am Here in a room
with Wine
and Prayers (Tobacco)
and new, red lipstick.

Our time changed today, in Mexico…
Oh, how it does.

Some cloudy days by the sea
when the sky eclipses blue-gray opaque waters,
I string nonsensical syllables into Song
much like you,
when you Move Silence.

This non-sense:
a tribute to your absence,
an acoustic concerto on voice
coupled with the whispers of the waves,
accompanied by the beat of the Heart.

like that evening;
dark clouds just blew in.

In the Land Of My Birth,
They say
an ugly voice calls in the Rain.

But isn’t the Medicine Man the one who chants for the Waters to come?

It might not be the sweetest intonation,
but theirs is a Powerful Invocation.

I am an Urban Shaman.
I am the City’s Rainmaker.
Crying down the Heavens like I did that day,
when you led the release of what I carry inside…
O Holiness.

Hear Me Now!
My Body’s Song…
Poetry in Motion.

– ara, 9.2014


I’m sorry
I spoke of things about you that had nothing to do with me
It was not my place to save face
when The Truth Is
I was Just As Guilty too.

So should I come clean?
Bare It All?
The Way I once did for you?

I’m grappling
with the feeling of a raw heart ripped open
Knowing trust has been broken
by your own hand.

There is no excuse!
So I’ll let you have the last say.

You’re welcome
To rip me out like an unwanted page in your story
Mark as just another bleep in your Song.

I abandoned Her!
Dust bunnies humping all over Her Room
Now I’m scared to enter…
Where did my subtlety go???

I’m sorry!
Am Eager
To Bite into the Forbidden Fruit of Passion.

See, it’s all part of how I Make A Living
and I Do It All With Heart.
Sometimes bleeding,
like tonight.

I Am Woman,
Pussy-ing Up to my actions.
I’m sorry I am also Human,
and that only you know where I’m Coming From.


Words come to me.
I willingly let them in,
all the way down,
to root me back into this Divine Experience called Life.

There’s something about Writing;
fingers playing with a string of Words,
hands desperately searching for just the Right Touch.

Then there’s Speaking your piece,
Words slip out of the mouth
glide over soft lips and land gently on another’s ear…

Come to Me.
I summon you this evening
under the sly smile of the Moon.
Carefully unravel The Mystery
Take me back to Divinity
This is my Prayer.


Words Come
to Me!
From the Heavens in my Heart
to the sea in your eyes where your Soul resides
I send to you my Warmth.



White Sheets
Purple-blue night skies
A goblet of red,
Honoring the memory of you.

Under a mural of broken shadows I lay,
Listening to Oceano’s songs
Paco’s 6 guitar strings,
the 5th track:

For – …

Slender fingers carve your name in Space
Scratching more details to the surface,
Your body’s shape emerges,
Your lightness is embedded on my mattress,
And now,
there is no rest for me in this place!

So I help myself to the thought of Another…
Is it wrong its not you I think of when I listen to our song?

Your warmth remains strapped to my bed.
That, I guard jealously.

It’s all I have left –
a single golden thread,

and that mysterious scent of yours.