Month: February 2014

El Renacimiento / Bilingual #1


Una sonrisa como la tuya marca el tiempo en el cielo
A smile like yours marks time in the sky

Esta noche

Tinto como mis labios
Lips tinted like wine

Un Gato Negro se acurruca en mi cuello
     A Black Cat nestles on my neck

el renacimiento

y el calor de tu recuerdo resbala
and the warmth of your memory slides

sobre mi pecho
     on my chest





Tierra Humeda
                              Wet Earth

Pienzo en ti y renazco.
I think of you and I am reborn.


Wake Up, Woman

If your dreams are challenges, then rise above them & wake!
Lucidly live them
Be not afraid as you walk awake
Recognizing the one walking by your side is real.
and lose your Self!
despite yourself
not in others
but with them, to them…
SERVE YOUR PURPOSE, whatever you choose it to be
Because only a self-less server
will have anything worth to offer.


Ripples from my Center

Grateful for today

for your touch

for your body pressing down on mine

~ deeper into the wet Earth I dive ~

The moment felt so surreal…

so I opened my eyes and saw you were truly there.

What tricks the mind plays!

or Time and Space,

about the reality one creates.

Will I have more of you in the future?

In this modern world where connections are fleeting and technology is king…

I can’t help but daydream about you!

A wave of passion ripples from my center…

the water in you stirs the water in me.

The Scent of Longing

It smells like you
Your scent hangs heavy in the air
Like my hair,
As it spirals down my face like smoke,
     after days of tending the fire.

Your wet, dampened-by-the-rain scent
Like the thread of your presence
Weaving a web of memories
   – others remembered, others yet to be fulfilled –
       around me.

It smells like rain
I caught a whiff of the mist rising to kiss the Sun.
Like a prayer it raised me up to the Heart of the Heavens and led me to the clouds that gather in your eyes.

Your aroma is that of the Earth.
It seeps through the soil of my fertile Heart-Mind and inspires the Truth.

I hear the Song now
Each dew drop a note in the Symphony of Life.

And so…I feel your roots within me now, Man-Tree.
The Breath of Life reminds me of your lessons and Love.

plant yourself strong

How can I forget?

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