Month: September 2014

Western Tanka (57577) #1

On the ground, a note.

Your name – stepped on / dirt-trodden

I wish I’d find you…

Hold you how he wanted to

So much, you’d wouldn’t miss him.

#writing 101


Raw Intro

Evolutionary Erotica

is my portal to the Divine.


Join Me

In This Moment of Magic.

Let’s Co-Create.

I Am Woman.

I Am Music.

I Am Poetry.

I Am Dance.

I am Beauty Embodied.

Relish In Me.

As I In You.

In Lak’ech, Beloved.

#writing101, #blogging101.


I can feel your fermented roots washing down my throat.
   So potent –
yet you don’t burn inside.
Lining my lips with a drop of your Spirit,
a hazy memory of you returns…

You move
   in dark, slow motion
like a cat with white paws and black fur on it’s back.

You danced so gracefully, Love.
And it ripped my Heart to pieces!

Who knew
you would give so much of yourSelf to The Process,
Each Time
Extracting the Very Essence of You to the stage.

You’re Performing again tonight.

So am I.
Giving mySelf to these pages,
   Birthing Red Ramblings
Every evening between breaths.
Curling up and contracting what The Senses perceive
  The Body then stretches
Distilling my Experience into a Blissful Exchange
   Between You & I.

So I propose…
   a toast!

May there be many more moments
   of this Ever-Evolving Eros.


– ara, 2014