All The Places You’ll Go

chamela beach - mexico

Chamela, Jalisco, México.

desert 172 - Estacion Wadley, Mexico

road to Wadley, San Luis Potosí, México.

Rio Cuale, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Rio Cuale – Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México.




  1. I don’t know why, because I usually like softer things like lakes and rivers, but for some reason, the train track photo appeals to me. You live in Mexico?


      1. was visiting, now living. 🙂
        ooh, Yelapa! havent been there in a while! i only know its beach and waterfall, but my intention is to hike up the hillside and see it from higher up…probably soon, before the summer heat makes it unbearable!

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      2. giant iguana has a name??? 🙂
        every time i go there there are guys on the beach holding an iguana so you can take pictures with it…i don’t think its the same iguana though, those were big, but not giant.
        or wait! i’m not really sure when an iguana is considered giant, so maybe i even have a picture with famed giant iguana? 😀

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      3. OK, giant means…like giant. Not big, not huge, not large. Freakin giant!! Like crocodile giant. It had a name like King something. It was long ago when I was there.


      4. Yeah, who cares if the thing is vegetarian if it’s as big as a croc! I think I saw it…its hind end. But that’s a story (one I’m working on now). Mexico…memories–surf, ceviche, Pacifico. How much would I spend a year to live there these days?


      5. Ooh..lookin forward to reading about it!
        Surf + ceviche + Pacifico…standard for Yelapa times! 🙂
        Re: year-long cost of living…depends on where you live + your lifestyle! I live in PV proper, with my 5 year old & cat…so I have expenses like daycare, bus fare and cat food. You planning to move to Yelapa, or Centro? Yelapa has grown, but still isn’t as “pricey” as PV itself (bec PV isn’t as pricey as Cabo, for example).

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      6. Whoa. Cabo is now more expensive than PV? When I left Mexico many years ago, I took a ferry from the mainland, I think at Mazatlan to La Paz (was it?) on Baja. Cabo looked like a town out of the American wild west. One or two paved roads, all the rest were dirt, and bad. I found a place (not a five-star) for like $10 a night, right on the water. Good old days.


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