Wake Up Call

It’s not you I dreamt of tonight.

This one was about my first love,
and the last.
The first, whose heart I broke,
the last, the one that dropped mine.

The timeline was off, the language didn’t match,
there was violence, and it was gut-wrenching all over again.
I don’t yet know what it all means,
and I don’t really know what we are,
but I know this…
I’d like to Love differently This Time.

I want to reach the Ideal,
but not get trapped by illusion;
maintain autonomy,
but with you have Communion.

It would be my Absolute Pleasure to gratify your Desire,
and Together, we go higher,
and Higher.

Because while here you left your crystal for clarity,
it is not clear to me what you seek.

The ego questions, the Voice Within rhymes,
but Spirit knows the Truth…
there is a Reason Why I Write about You.

Would you like to Wake Up and know why?


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