Black Warrior Series

Remembering Past Lives & Loves

wine + beer

I used to drink alone.
Single, with everyone else partnered except me.

Later taken, my boy stayed home while I partied the nights away.
That didn’t work out, of course.

So I traveled across the open sea,
but not before reaching the height of the heavens with fiery flings,
and other such things.


On this land, there were those that danced their way into my heart.
In the desert, on the hillside.

ytt grad celeb - danzantes

Yet it was the Waters that brought me a great love.
This One’s fear and doubt tore us apart.
So accustomed he had grown to my presence, he came running back into my arms.

Silly me for letting him back in
And again.
No more…no more!

here comes the sun

Nearly a decade now on this side of the Pacific,
who would’ve thought I would be reunited with magic?

And yet, no matter how much of it there is,
stories don’t always have a fairy tale ending.
Heart weary, it is now all a blur.


The only thing that’s clear is the sight of what lies ahead.



Ripples from my Center

Grateful for today

for your touch

for your body pressing down on mine

~ deeper into the wet Earth I dive ~

The moment felt so surreal…

so I opened my eyes and saw you were truly there.

What tricks the mind plays!

or Time and Space,

about the reality one creates.

Will I have more of you in the future?

In this modern world where connections are fleeting and technology is king…

I can’t help but daydream about you!

A wave of passion ripples from my center…

the water in you stirs the water in me.