Notes to self from Self

The Medicine Tree

If Humans are the bottom-dwellers in a Sea of Air,
and our planet is just another particle in an Ocean of Space…
then boy, do we have a heck of a lot more evolving to do!

Let us be more like Trees!

So unmistakably connected to the Earth and Sky,
they ground Light into the material plane
and as a WASTE PRODUCT produce Life-Giving Air
~ Prana ~
What a wonderful Energy-exchange!

(I wouldn’t mind Working It day-in/day-out if what I produced was that inspiring! Although what I currently get paid to write during the day satisfies one’s needs, it doesn’t seem to fulfill this One’s Desires…)

One must take the time to Truly Inhabit The 3-Dimensional Spacesuit though.

When you don’t…
The Body languishes,
Heart connections are cold
The Mind is loose,
and Energy leaks out of you like a bleeding mother fucker.

How though?
How does one Incarnate?

Can’t answer that for you, buddy!
It is a deeply personal quest and noBody else can know but You.

But for this Body,
Alone-Time is VITAL.
(Preferably before the Sun and the Little Ray of Light rises. <3)

Turn on from Within.
Tune in to the Silence.
Drop in to the Void.
~ Union ~

And this is what I write about in the evenings…
Red Ramblings.

Like a Tree,
I Take In
all that is,
and could be
of Every Moment, of every day
and with these words
I ripple out my Best Desires for All into Sacred Space.

Some nights are steamier than others…
smoke dances,
the mist rises
and falls,
like my bare chest
as I try to make Beauty of it All,
even in Pain.

There is no greater Fulfillment than Birthing into Being the Divine Inside.

What Medicine do you exhale?

*originally posted on the UrbanShamanMom blog.



what made me smile today…

pavo real sky


small chihuahua-type male tried to hump this bigger me, it was funny

small chihuahua-type male tried to hump the bigger female’s LEG (poor thing couldn’t even get it right)…trust me, it was funny!

sunset from the bus


Divine: You&I

Time is running
And all you have to do is stand still
There is no need to run amuck

Watch for Daybreak
That’s when the trumpet sounds of the Angels are loudest.

Close your eyes and breathe
…that’s all you have to do.
From the Heavens
All the way down to you
~ Sacred Air We Share ~

Be gentle as you re-enter your body
Know I’m really there…

Know What Truly Turns You On
And relish!
Throughout the day…
Its OK
To Shine.