Urban Shaman Mom

For you, Patty

In honor of Patricia (the hurricane)
sparing the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta, where we live…
And as an offering to The One who penned her a note with a request,
that my girl unexpectedly obliged…

dear patty

I Am Here in a room
with Wine
and Prayers (Tabacco)
and new, red lipstick.

Our time changed today, in Mexico…
Oh, how they do.

Some cloudy days by the sea
when the sky eclipses blue-gray opaque waters,
I string nonsensical syllables into Song
much like you,
when you Move Silence.

This non-sense:
a tribute to your absence,
an acoustic concerto on voice
coupled with the whispers of the waves,
accompanied by the beat of the Heart.

like that evening;
dark clouds just blew in.

In the Land Of My Birth,
They say
an ugly voice calls in the Rain.

But isn’t the Medicine Man the one who chants for the Waters to come?

It might not be the sweetest intonation,
but their’s is a Powerful Invocation.

I am an Urban Shaman.
I am the City’s Rainmaker.
Crying down the Heavens like I did that day,
when you led the release of what I carry inside…
O Holiness.

Hear Me Now!
My Body’s Song…
Poetry in Motion.

– ara, 9.2014


Divine: You&I

Time is running
And all you have to do is stand still
There is no need to run amuck

Watch for Daybreak
That’s when the trumpet sounds of the Angels are loudest.

Close your eyes and breathe
…that’s all you have to do.
From the Heavens
All the way down to you
~ Sacred Air We Share ~

Be gentle as you re-enter your body
Know I’m really there…

Know What Truly Turns You On
And relish!
Throughout the day…
Its OK
To Shine.

Wake Up, Woman

If your dreams are challenges, then rise above them & wake!
Lucidly live them
Be not afraid as you walk awake
Recognizing the one walking by your side is real.
and lose your Self!
despite yourself
not in others
but with them, to them…
SERVE YOUR PURPOSE, whatever you choose it to be
Because only a self-less server
will have anything worth to offer.