Red Room

The Send Off

I’ve got water, wine and tobacco tonight
An offering for your safe sailing.

I’m back in the Red Room
With new Prayers
For new Players
In a Game where there’s no win or lose,
There Is Only Love.

But first,
the Void.
There’s only myself here this evening.
From the darkness of this Womb words will come alive again.
With you seeding The Flow of It All.

What is this though, really?

See, it’s a good time to question…
We’ve got a whole wavespell for introspection
To not fear our Purpose for Being Here.

Because I’m back again,
In the Red Room,
Not knowing why Love always happens so soon.

Why wait though?
If it is Real
Except weren’t you the one that said
This might all just be a Dream?
I don’t wanna wake come morning…

Blessed be the smoke rising
Born from Medicine
Held safely in between sheets for God knows how long.
Harsh reality is kicking in…
Yours so apart from mine.

But something’s got to give, right?
And so I offer These Words,
My Breath,
Whispering Prayers of Protection,
Blessings on your new rEVOLution,
and Gratitude for this Sweet Connection.

Safe and happy travels, Darling. ♡♡♡