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I have not forgotten

This Daily Inspirational Message was originally sent out on June 24th 2013.

I remember it as one of the most synchronistic days of my Life.
A day of small-talk with The One who took the original photograph (Chamela, Mexico, circa 2007).
A day when questions arose, confessions were made, and a passion was re-kindled.

DSC01185This photo was taken from Love, he said…

But what is Love?

Back in the desert, he taught me that Love is Respectful, and Love is Free.

Because it is without need, it seeks to take nothing not freely given. It seeks to hold nothing not wishing to be held. It seeks to give nothing not joyously welcomed…Love is that which is free, for freedom is the essence of what God is, and love is God, expressed.

– Neale Donald Walsh, Friendship with God


Even if you have come and gone,

DSC_0588 (2)

I have not forgotten.



what is

Erotica is an Art form that titillates The Perceiver through stimulating the senses.

By adding a rEVOLutionary touch to it,  Evolutionary Erotica aims to turn One on to Compassion, and a Desire for Union – to The Whole.

   To evolve, we must develop a new sense organ…one that senses Oneness.

That is what EVOLutionary Erotica aims to arouse.

This has nothing to do about sex.
And everything to do with Love.